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Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Guide, California

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The Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Guide (2012 version)is a waterproof, topographic map that includes detailed paddling and boating information for Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake.

Water/Tear Proof Map, Flat Map, and Laminated Flat Map options are available (see below). Flat and Laminated maps make nice gifts as you can hang them on a wall. Electronic versions of this map for your phone or device can be downloaded as well.

Map Type

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Guide (2012 version) was developed to create a unique paddling opportunity and provide visitors with an ecologically sustainable alternative for recreating in this wonderful place. It is designed to help plan custom paddling and boating adventures along the shores of Lake Tahoe. It can also be very useful to power boaters and fisherman for navigating this large body of water.

This map combines a highly detailed topographical map of the Lake Tahoe, including GPS coordinates and Lat/Long grids, with a detailed table of near-shore services around the lake. Color coded numbers on the map correspond to description lines in the information table to help in all phases of planning your paddling or boating itinerary. Each description line provides necessary information about a specific site (phone numbers, reservation information, available amenities, etc.).

The numbers are also color-coded to quickly identify types of sites (lodging, camping, restaurants, launch points, points of interest, etc).

  • Open Dimensions: 24 X 37 inches
  • Folded Dimensions: 4 X 9.25 inches
  • Scale: 1:48,000

Copyright, June, 2012

Physical Extent of Map Lake Tahoe and its surrounding shoreline and foothills as well as Fallen Leaf Lake, Spooner Lake and Marlette Lake