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The Mount Jefferson Adventure Map (2017) is a waterproof, topographic (lat/long,UTM grids) trail map that includes hiking descriptions covering the areas of Mount Jefferson and its surrounding areas. The map includes route details for 25 of the best hikes in the area which can also be useful for trail runners. Equestrians and Fishermen will also find this map very useful as it accurately shows all streams, lakes, roads, OHV routes and land ownership boundaries. $0.50 of each map sale is donated to trail organizations and back country rescue organizations.

Water/Tear Proof Map, Flat Map, and Laminated Flat Map options are available (see below). Flat and Laminated maps make nice gifts as you can hang them on a wall. Electronic versions of this map for your phone or device can be downloaded as well.

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The Mount Jefferson map encompasses three wilderness areas (Mount Jefferson,Bull of the Moose,Opal Creek) that are renown for their volcanic peaks, old growth forests, plentiful lakes and overall beauty. It is a recreation paradise with mountains, cold rivers and streams, dense evergreen forests, pristine lakes, alpine meadows and volcanic landscapes, all with easy public access. The relatively moderate slopes of the mountains and ridges are especially well suited to hiking, trail running, backpacking and horseback riding. This map has 25 hike descriptions. The hike/trail descriptions and detailed, overall view provided on this map will help you to plan a perfect day of hiking, riding or running, and get home safely.

All of our maps are now available for use on smart phones and tablet. From within the free PDF Map Reader App (see QR links on the right side of page), you can purchase and download electronic versions of our maps. The beauty of this App is that once the maps are loaded onto your device you don’t need cell or wi-fi service to use the maps and their built-in GPS functionality.

The waterproof material this map is printed on won’t wear-out at the seams and will withstand the elements as well as an accidental soaking from your water bottle. Go to for information on all our other maps.

Scale: 1:50,000

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