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NW Coast Trail Map & Guide

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The NW Coast Trail Map & Guide (2013 version) is a waterproof, topographic (lat/long,UTM grids) trail map that includes route descriptions for the North Oregon Coast and Mountains as well as the South Washington Coast. It includes 15 hike and 5 road bike suggestions. The map depicts put-ins for paddlers, points for birding/wildlife viewing as well as a designated OHV area.

Water/Tear Proof Map, Flat Map, and Laminated Flat Map options are available (see below). Flat and Laminated maps make nice gifts as you can hang them on a wall. Electronic versions of this map for your phone or device can be downloaded as well.

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The north Oregon and south Washington coastal area is known for its rugged beauty. Just inland from picturesque sea stacks, dunes and miles of beach lies the coastal range, rich in natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Lakes, rivers, estuaries and protected bays between the dunes offer plenty of opportunities for kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or birding. Hike or ride to an old growth cedar or Sitka spruce forest. If spectacular views are what you’re after, hike to the top of one of the many basalt peaks. Elevations can range from sea level to over 3200 feet in a few rugged miles. This diverse area also offers hundreds of miles of road cycling on scenic and lightly trafficked roads.

This map details miles of trails and highlights the most popular destinations. For cycling, recommended cycling loops are highlighted on the map with further detail in the description. Paddling put-ins are marked with icons as are points for birding or wildlife viewing. Additionally, there is one designated OHV area.

This map was sponsored by: Lewis and Clark National Historical Park; Escape Lodging; City of Seaside Visitor’s Bureau; City of Astoria; Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau; Seaside Providence Hospital; Seaside Chamber of Commerce; Astoria Warrenton Chamber LCTC; and the Warrenton Trails Association. Proceeds from map sales go into trail education and maintenance and support the next iterations of this map. All the insets on this map are available in pdf format for free download at Additional information on birding, mountain biking and paddle sports is available at

  • Map Open Dimensions: 27 x 39 inches
  • Map folded Dimensions: 4 x 9.75 inches
  • Map Scale: 1: 126,720 & 1: 31,680

Copyright 2013.

Physical Extent of Map North Oregon Coast and Mountains as well as the South Washington Coast