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Sun Valley Trail Map, Idaho

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The Sun Valley, Idaho Mountain Biking and Hiking Adventure Map is a waterproof, topographic map that includes a route guide and trail map covering trails throughout Ketchum, Hailey, the Smoky, Boulder and Pioneer Mountains. This also includes detailed map and route descriptions for mountain bike trails, hiking trails, and horseback riding trails in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area

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Clear blue skies, lofty peaks, forest & sagebrush covered hillsides and clear mountain streams prevail in the Sun Valley area. This ski valley transforms into a summer and fall recreation mecca for hiking and mountain biking once the snow melts and the trails dry out.

The Sun Valley area is known for its miles of mountain bike friendly singletrack. With several distinct areas loaded with interconnecting trails, it would take quite a while to do all of the possible rides around here. 33 rides of varying difficulty are highlighted on this map. Use the route descriptions on the trail guide to pick a ride appropriate to your abilities.

Hikers & horseback riders will find a great mix of trails on this adventure map as well. Ranging from flat walks near town, trails to popular mountain lakes and semi-technical peak scrambles. Use one of the 22 hike descriptions on the trail guide to point you to the most appropriate hike for your ability level and time constraints. Copyright, 2011

  • Open Dimensions: 27 X 39 inches
  • Folded Dimensions: 4 X 9.75 inches
  • Scale: 1:63,360
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